Case Study: EuroPassport Inc.

Although they are a young business, EuroPassport Inc. recognized that they would need a professional team to help build their new website.

The Situation

EuroPassport Inc. is a very interesting business, helping their clients with ancestry in Europe acquire dual citizenship. If you have ancestors from Europe (Even if they’re hundreds of years old!), it may be easier than you think—not to mention the benefits of acquiring your EU/UK citizenship!

They approached us when they decided they wanted to take some steps to improve their online presence. They needed to build a new website that was modern, inviting and showcased the professionalism of their brand.

Because they regularly require clients to submit various documents to support their citizenship application, and the often-sensitive nature of these documents, they would also require a portal where clients could log-in, and securely exchange documents and messages with EuroPassport Inc. throughout the application process. In addition, we would need to implement a free EU/UK citizenship eligibility assessment into their website.

The Solution

Although they are a relatively young business, EuroPassport Inc. recognized that they would need a professional team to help them complete this project. By enlisting the help of the professional and inventive Copybard Communications to help them ensure that their messaging was strong, and directed at the right audience—in combination with Atlas Marketing Group’s resourceful and creative web development team they would be able to create a stunningly beautiful & effective website.

As their target audience can be quite extensive (People of all ages & walks of life may be eligible for their EU/UK citizenship) it would be important to make sure that the imagery and look of their website resonated with all these groups.

We would need to make sure that the website spoke to their whole target audience, including those looking to work, study or retire in Europe. We knew we could accomplish this by creating a beautiful video for the homepage of their website. In addition, we would make sure the imagery throughout the website equally spoke to their various target markets.

We would also need to consider various options to accomplish the requirements of the secure log-in portal & eligibility assessment. After much research, we found SuiteDash to be the best log-in portal solution due to its extensive functionality and white-labelling capabilities (It allows you to completely brand the entire portal, creating a seamless experience that feels like it’s custom built for your business.).

We would use Jotforms to create the eligibility assessment due to its incredible form designing capabilities, and the ease of integrating it into the website.

The Results

Our design team worked with the copy-writing team to create a stunning website that was beautiful, and effective at capturing leads for the business.

The end result was a beautiful, modern website with imagery that equally speaks to their target audiences, with many calls to action strategically placed throughout their site.

By using SuiteDash and Jotform, we were able to create a seamless experience for visitors to go from assessing whether they may be able to acquire their citizenship, to logging in to securely upload documents and communicate with the EuroPassport team throughout their application process.

EuroPassport login portal
The fully white-labelled log-in screen we created using SuiteDash.

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