How to Use Promo Items for Your Business

Gift giving is a great way to create awareness for your business. Find out how and why to use promo items for your business here.

With the Holiday season fast approaching, if you haven’t already then it is time to start thinking about gifts. This includes thinking about gifts for your customer, clients, and even employees. Gift-giving is a great way to foster these relationships during special occasions. 

Besides, those who interact with your business on a frequent basis are most likely expecting or looking forward to receiving some type of gift. They want to feel as if their work or business with your company is appreciated and highly valued. 

It’s a good thing that promotional items can work great as gifts! Whether your gift is a nice experience that you have prepared for them, or an item wrapped up with a bow on top, it can bring numerous benefits to your business. 

The following will give you tips on how and why you should use promo items as gifts for your business this holiday season. 

Make sure to watch out for the Top Notch Pro Tips throughout the article, brought to you by our friend Brent Stevens of Top Notch Promotional Products Inc.

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1. Show Your Appreciation + Build Goodwill

Of course, your business appreciates your customers and employees to the highest extent. Without them, your business wouldn’t be what it is today. Therefore, by sending promotional gifts, you will be showing this appreciation and gratitude for their part. 

Sending out promotional gifts will also help build goodwill with your recipient. Especially if you keep the recipient and their interests in mind when choosing a gift. Make sure you pick something personal to them and something that they would genuinely like to receive. 

Your gifts do not need to be extravagant to make an impact. Something as simple as a branded coffee mug will show that each recipient is noticed and valued. 

Top Notch Pro Tip #1

If you have a $30 budget, buy them the best coffee mug they have ever owned vs the cheapest winter jacket they have ever owned.  Same $30, very different impact on the recipient.  The $30 mug gets used every day while the $30 jacket goes in the trunk in case the car breaks down in the winter.

2. Branding, Standing Out, & Showing Thoughtfulness

Another benefit that your business will receive when sending out promotional gifts is that it will market your brand and help you stand out. Promotional gifts can be used as part of a marketing strategy as your business logos will be printed on functional items. 

If the recipient finds the item useful in everyday life, they are likely to use it often. If they use it often, then that means more exposure for your brand.  

As well, a thoughtful promotional gift can make your business stand out by making your business memorable. Every time the recipient looks at their gift, they will remember your business and your generosity. Your promotional gift can be used as a tool that helps to reinforce that relationship and promote brand awareness. 

Not to mention, a thoughtful or unique gift is likely to spark questions from friends and family of your recipient, likely resulting in the recipient of your branded gift telling the story of how they came to receive it!

Top Notch Pro Tip #2

Branding on client appreciation gifts should be more discreet than on employee gifts. Remember that you want the recipient to use the item and they are more likely to do that if it has a small laser etched logo or tone-on-tone embroidery vs a big full colour logo staring them in the face.  An employee gift can have stronger branding because they are proud of where they work and don’t mind promoting that.   

3. Showcase Core Values of the Business

When you give promotional gifts, they can be used to express your business’ core values. Whether your business values quality, integrity, innovation, or all the above, it can be showcased with the gift that you chose. When you pick a gift with your core values in mind, it will be translated to the recipient and overall–shows your business in a positive way. 

Top Notch Pro Tip #3

Start sooner rather than later!  Global manufacturing and supply chain challenges will continue to be an issue for balance of year.  To avoid disappointment on the item availability or delivery timing, it is suggested to start the process now and allow 4 weeks for delivery.  While this is not the case for all suppliers and products it is a good guideline to work by.

Bonus Top Notch Pro Tips

Why engage with a promotional products company rather than do it yourself?
  • You don’t know what you don’t know.  Did you know you can brand spices, BBQ sauce, stuffed animals or even the gift ribbon?  It’s hard to search for things you are unaware of.
  • Most companies do not have a resource who is able to dedicate many hours of time to research, procure, decorate, pack and ship items.
  • Even if you do it all yourself, in most cases you won’t save money as promotional products suppliers have bulk pricing discounts.
  • Like most fields, the advice of a professional can prevent a costly mistake or make you look like a superstar!
Considerations before reaching out for help from a promotional products company:
  • How many appreciation gifts do you need?
  • Who are they for? Clients or employees?
  • Budget? Some companies have tiers for clients based on their size.
  • Timing? When do you want these in their hands?
  • Locations? Are they all local and can be delivered by you or do you need them shipped across Canada?


The holidays are a joyous time of year so don’t miss the opportunity to send your season greetings to your customers and employees by sending them promotional gifts. This will not only help market your brand but, it will show how much you value them and help build lasting relationships for years to come.

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