5 Tips to Create Impactful Video Ads

Video Marketing should be a strategy that every business owner is implementing. Here are five tips to help you create impactful video ads.

It can seem intimidating to create a video marketing strategy for your business. Many pieces need to fall into place to ensure the video gets across in the right manner and leaves an impact on the audience. This intimidation makes business owners ditch video marketing altogether and the opportunities that it can create.

Video Marketing is so powerful and should be a strategy that every business owner is implementing. Below are five tips that will help you create an impactful video ad by grabbing and keeping your audience’s attention.

#1: Make the First Few Seconds Count

Making the most out of the beginning of your video is essential to making it impactful. People are flooded with so much content every day, from scrolling on their phones to watching television. So, if your video doesn’t engage your potential customer within the first few moments, they will skip it or click away. 

For your video to make an impact, your customers need to be paying attention. Doing this will depend on the goal of your video and how it can be used to hook your audience. Therefore, you need to know exactly who your target market is and what will get their attention.

In most cases, the first few seconds can be used to demonstrate to your target audience how your brand can fix a problem, add value to their life or it can even share something that your audience would be interested in that will set you apart from the competition.

Overall, you will need to tailor your ad to your audience from the beginning. As well, make sure your video is visually appealing to ensure your audience will notice and have interest in your video.

#2: Make it the Right Length

The timing of your video is just as important as the content being portrayed. People’s attention span for content from a business is usually not very long. So, you will need to keep your video concise. However, keep in mind that your goal for the video does dictate how long it should be.

Most videos do well when they are timed at 30 seconds or less. Especially if advertising a product or service. In this case, you want to show your audience why your brand stands out. However, if your goals are to position your brand, longer videos may work in your favour. This way there will be enough time to tell your story and represent your company in a complete way that will not leave your audience with missing holes of information.

Overall, it is critical to eliminate unnecessary content no matter your goals. Ensure that you spread your message as quickly as possible and in a way that ensures your viewers won’t lose interest.

#3: Use a Script

For your video to be impactful, make sure you plan it out before going into production by making a script. Business videos should be scripted to ensure your video will hit all the points required to engage your audience.  It also will help you from releasing a video that is longer than it should be.

To make sure your script will create an engaging video, make an outline with all your key points. Then be creative and build it out point-by-point until you have a video that will capture attention and accomplish your goals.

#4: Solve a Problem

Problem-solving advertising is a great way to create an impactful video. By showing that your product or service will solve a problem that directly impacts your target audience will make them want to keep watching and learn more.

Explaining that your brand can solve whatever issue they have will give your audience a reason to believe in your brand. Therefore, to make sure your video leaves a mark on the audience, you’ll need to emphasize the way your brand can make their life better.

#5: Use a Call to Action

A Call to Action is a must-have at the end of your video to conclude your video and make it memorable. When you leave a call to action, your customers will most likely be intrigued and want to take the next step to hopefully become a customer.

Depending on your business and the platform your video is being displayed on, you can leave a link to click, a number to call, an email to contact or, a site to visit. Either option you choose, make sure that it is easy to remember and accomplish.

In Conclusion

If done correctly, video marketing can be an effective strategy to reach all your business goals. Keeping all these tips in mind will help you produce a creative and impactful advertising video for your business.

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