5 Tips to Sell More Products on Amazon

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. How can you make your Amazon listings stand out to them? Here are 5 ways you can do this!

Amazon has a conversion rate of 15% which is 3-5x more than other e-commerce websites. Selling on Amazon is very competitive since one product is now being offered by various merchants. The key is to increase visibility on Amazon so your product is the one that gets bought. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes, now think, how can you make your Amazon listings stand out to them? Here are some ways how you can promote your listings on Amazon:

1. Win the Buy Box

Competitive pricing is of utmost importance when you’re looking to ace out your competitors to win the “buy box”. Most consumers will purchase items from the “buy box” (the white box on the right-hand side of the page) on the product page that they’re viewing. When a consumer decides to purchase from the buy box section, Amazon only displays the highest-ranked sellers for that product. The rank is determined by a balance of seller performance and low price and over 80% of sales go through the buy box.

One way of competing in the buy box is repricing your listings. You can watch your competitor’s pricing and then price your listing accordingly. There are some repricing extensions available as well which dynamically monitors the competitor listings and reprices your listings reasonably.

2. Optimize your Listings with SEO

When you include popular keywords associated with your product and similar product listings, it is easier for buyers to find your listing on Google and Amazon, both. Tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Amazon-specific, Scope can help you find relevant keywords for your product. Scope can give you more details such as the estimated sales, monthly volume and ranking positions over time.

3. Sponsored Product Ads

A customer rarely goes beyond the first page, so it is essential that your listing appears there. While SEO will help boost your listing rank to an extent, you can also leverage sponsored product ads to boost your ranking. As a seller, you only pay for these ads, when a customer clicks on it and clicks only increase your chances of conversion.

4. Get Feedback and Maintain Good Ratings

To ensure that your listings organically rank higher, your listings should have good ratings and reviews. Make sure to reach out to buyers who gave your product bad reviews and take their feedback into account to avoid more bad reviews. If you find that most of your buyers do not review, consider including a personalized note requesting a review from your buyers. Incentivizing your buyers with a $5 amazon gift card (upon reviewing) or $5 off on their next purchase will also help in getting more feedback faster.

If your listing consistently has good reviews and ratings, you’ll be on track to win the buy box and can also have the opportunity to be featured as “Buyer’s Choice” on the first page.

5. Offer Lightning Deals

Consider offering discounts and promotions on your product from time to time. A lightning deal is a discount offered to Prime Members exclusively, for a limited amount of time. These deals are featured under the “Today’s Deals page”. It is a great way to get rid of the piling inventory and also increase sales volume, thereby, increasing the chances of more reviews and ratings.

Ranking higher than your competitors and appearing on the first page is key to grabbing your buyer’s attention and leveraging the above tactics can help you do just that!

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