August 2021 Month in Marketing

Credit cards, recycling IKEA furniture, social media advertising and....OnlyFans?

This month we’re highlighting the news you need to know in the world of social media advertising, a new green marketing campaign from IKEA, and some interesting news from the adult content platform OnlyFans. Keep reading to learn what’s new in marketing in August.

Facebook Shares New ‘Widely Viewed Content’ Report to Counter the Idea that it Amplifies Division

With the political divide in the world seemingly ever increasing, and many people pointing fingers at social media, particularly Facebook for furthering this divide–Facebook is on the offensive trying to prove that they aren’t exacerbating the divide and promote content equally.

Mastercard is phasing out magnetic stripes on its cards starting in 2024

Big changes are coming to the way we shop and purchase items. In a move to further expedite the payment process, and also push towards contactless payment, Mastercard is planning to phase out magnetic strips on its cards completely by 2033.

Facebook Brings Reels to its Main App as it Seeks to Capitalize on the Short-Form Video Trend

The popular Reels feature on Instagram, which is a great way for small businesses and brands to see explosive exposure on their videos, is slated to make a bigger splash on the main Facebook app. Find out everything you need to know in this article.

OnlyFans Reverses Its Decision to Ban Explicit Content

Initially created as a way for artists and content creators to generate revenue on their content, the OnlyFans platform quickly became a favourite platform for adult performers, with top performers making upwards of $100,000/Month for explicit photos and videos.

The platform has been making headlines since they announced that they were moving to ban explicit content, before quickly reversing that decision.

‘Advertisers are starting to lose trust’: Why media buyers say Facebook is losing its grip on social ad spend

Blaming the pandemic and marketing budgets shifting towards alternative platforms like Tik Tok, it seems that Facebook is slowly losing its lead on social media advertising dollars.

It’s no secret that Facebook and Instagram have had issues over the last couple months with privacy concerns and Apple’s latest privacy update making it much more difficult for advertisers to collect information on their target audiences. It will be interesting to see how the advertising world changes over the coming years.

IKEA’s assembly instructions show how to make old things new again

In IKEA’s latest campaign, they’re providing upcycling ideas with their assembly instructions, showing customers how they can extend the life of the products and keeping waste to a minimum.

With paper straws slowly creeping their way into restaurants around the country, and IKEA’s new upcycling campaign, we’re likely to see more businesses move in eco-friendly trends like these.