Beginner’s Guide: Advertising in The Metaverse

The metaverse is redefining advertising and brands are shifting to creating immersive experiences from the comfort of the consumer’s home.

The metaverse is redefining advertising as we know it, and is beginning to force brands to shift focus to creating more immersive, engaging, and exciting experiences from the comfort of the consumer’s home. While the concept of the metaverse, let alone advertising in the metaverse can be quite hard to wrap your head around at first, this article will explain a few ways that larger brands are taking advantage of this new trend to market themselves and their products.

Here’s how your brand can do it, too:

Product/Brand Placement

Time and again, we’ve seen this happen in movies, shows, YouTube Videos, and even live events. You can easily do this by partnering with games or even other virtual worlds within the metaverse. Luxury brands like Gucci have been able to capitalize on this well when they launched a pair of sneakers – The Gucci Virtual 25 that can be worn in Augmented Reality or used in apps like Roblox and VRChat which were only 12.99 USD. This means a person can own a luxury pair of sneakers in the virtual world for less than $20.

Immersive Experiences

Think of virtual immersive experiences like that of real-life event marketing. Your brand can partner up with popular game platforms like Roblox or VRChat to create a customized experience for your audience to be able to experience various products your brand has to offer. For example, Hyundai partnered with Roblox to create an in-game adventure where people were able to experience how Hyundai’s products work.

Ad Placements

Similar to the traditional billboards, you can buy digital billboards within the Metaverse, people “walking” (toggling between apps) around the Metaverse will be able to see your ad placements in virtual reality. There are NFT-based advertising metaverses that allow members to buy and sell advertising spaces in the form of NFTs. You can also create an immersive experience through a digital billboard by offering installations that your audience can interact with.

Virtual Events

There have been multiple virtual events organized within the Metaverse, from weddings to even concerts. Samsung launched the Galaxy S22 series within the Metaverse by creating a 3D replica of their flagship New York City experience center. They offered the users Quests, NFT Prizes, Avatar Costumes, and even Live Performances. There are multiple different ways of organizing events within the Metaverse, you can do something as simple as a Live Celebrity/Brand performance or something as creative as what Samsung did, it all comes down to your brand’s advertising strategy.

In Conclusion

So many brands are doing a great job in truly engaging the core Metaverse demographic: Gen Z and Millennials. Advertising has evolved to a whole different level and no longer are advertising KPIs just impressions and views, brands are pivoting to create more immersive and engaging experiences to communicate with their audiences.

Your brand can pivot too. Get in touch with us to create a custom Metaverse advertising strategy for your brand!