July 2021 Month in Marketing

From Crypto to Space Travel, and job hunting on Tik Tok!

This month we’re highlighting several large companies that are effectively leveraging cultural trends in captivating ways. From space travel, to Dogecoin and Augmented Reality. Plus, your next job may be found on Tik Tok! Keep reading to learn more.

How to Succeed with Video on Each Social Network [Infographic]


Video is a very important part of having a successful content strategy for your business. With the high speed world we live in, many internet users prefer to watch a quick video, rather than sorting through long blog articles and walls of text.

Check out this handy infographic with all the details you need to start taking your social videos to the next level.

TikTok Launches ‘Resumes’ To Help Connect Candidates With Job Opportunities


Tik Tok is launching a pilot project in the United States with its Tik Tok Resumes. Users are able to post quick video clips showcasing their skills or making their pitch for a job. From our research on Twitter this is quite controversial, with many business owners and employers saying they’re adamantly against hiring employees through Tik Tok, while other employers seem to be open to testing out this new method of finding talent.

7-Eleven to launch Slurpee into space in a nod to its delivery service


With two of the world’s billionaires, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos both travelling to space this month, it’s no surprise that space travel is a hot topic right now. In this highly creative and very interesting marketing campaign from 7-Eleven, they’re launching a slurpee into space, and auctioning off the cup afterwards!

We suspect there will likely be other companies following suit, trying to cash in on the attention that this topic is currently garnering.

Axe taps into crypto craze with ‘dogecan’ giveaways


While 7-Eleven focuses on capturing the attention of would-be astronauts, Axe (The popular body-spray brand) is switching gears to target the growing market of primarily younger investors with their cryptocurrency themed campaign.

This campaign seems like a hit in our books, since most of Axe’s consumers are younger. This is the same group who is likely to respond to meme & crypto themed marketing.

Jones Soda turns labels into AR videos starring influencers


With some of the other larger players capitalizing on space travel and crypto-memes, Jones Soda has chosen to focus their efforts on another trend that is slowly creeping its way into every day life–Augmented Reality (AR)!

Their latest campaign adds QR codes onto the labels of their soda bottles than when scanned allow the user to view a short video.

Augmented Reality is a great way to create a more immersive packaging experience, and as the technology becomes more and more accessible, we will surely see a growing number of companies leveraging this technology.