June 2021 Month in Marketing

Pandemic restrictions easing, major changes to Facebook, and Pride Month done right!

With pandemic laws and restrictions beginning to ease, the business and marketing landscape is ever evolving. This month we explore some anticipated results of this, along with major changes coming to Facebook, and a look at which companies are taking Pride Month beyond a way for them to sell more product.

The World of E-Commerce Post Pandemic


This great read by Marketing Dive explores what trends they’re seeing with E-Commerce post-pandemic. It’s no secret that E-Commerce has been experiencing quite the boom over the last two years, with many businesses being forced online.

Read about why many business titans are looking to M&As with data companies to further their E-Commerce efforts, & why PepsiCo’s launched two new direct-to-consumer websites.

Facebook Launches Live Audio Rooms and Podcast Playback In-Stream


It all started with Clubhouse, then Twitter Spaces, now Facebook also has an audio-only live room feature. These types of platforms allow for “town hall” style discussions on any topic imaginable.

Although Clubhouse may have taken a popularity beating lately, it seems this audio-only style of social media communications is here to stay for a while! Read more about how the Facebook version differs from its competitors.

15+ Top Social Media Platforms Your Customers are Using in 2021


If you’re having a hard time choosing which social media networks your business should be on, this article is a great read.

While it’s no secret which social media platforms are the most popular (Look no further than the one that made several headlines in this Month in Marketing…), this article shares some really interesting stats on each platform, and a cool inforgraphic to visualize the differences in popularity between them.

Facebook Analytics is Going Away: Should Marketers Really Worry?


While they haven’t been clear on the reason why, Facebook has made the decision to end its Facebook Analytics service. Not to be confused with Facebook Insights, which tracks your business page analytics, Facebook Analytics was a service built to compete with Google Analytics for tracking website data.

This article explores potential reasons Facebook could have made this decision (Erh hem…Privacy concerns…) as well as many great alternatives in the event that you were using Facebook Analytics to manage your web traffic.

11 Brand Campaigns That Blend Pride With Purpose


June is Pride Month, a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. This interesting article from studioID showcases some brands that are going above and beyond simply changing their logos on social media to a rainbow flag.

Read this article to find out how some of largest brands are successfully running Pride campaigns with a purpose!