May 2021 Month in Marketing

In this month, we will be talking about podcast ad revenues, a “BRB bot”, privacy laws, and a new feature coming to Twitter.

Welcome to the May 2021 edition of Month in Marketing. May has been a month of trying new things and with summer right around the corner, I am excited to share this news with you and I hope you enjoy this Month in Marketing. 

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Podcast Ad Revenue Exceeds $2B by 2023, IAB Forecasts…

Podcasts have grown extremely quick in the past few years. From simple YouTube videos to now having filled Spotify playlists. You can now listen to podcasts wherever you are through mobile devices; they have become a mainstream source of media and had a total gain of 37% in the fourth quarter last year.

Due to this success, ad revenue for podcasting has gone up 19% to $842 million last year. Soon podcasting will become a billion dollar industry in terms of advertising. Especially since big brands such as Sirius XM created SXM Media for the purpose of including podcasts into their lineup of advertising campaigns. We will continue to see more brands joining them soon as podcasts get pushed into the forefront of media. 

Charmin Tests “BRB Bot” For Bathroom Breaks on Video Calls

Proctor & Gamble have really outdone themselves now. Charmin (owned by P&G) have created a bot that records you making conversational reactions for up to 3 minutes and uses the recording to give you the time to use the bathroom. The bot uses AI technology to react to conversational cues during your work meetings, class, and webinars. Sadly this bot will not be released, it is meant to be a joke on real scientists and inventors who are actually creating AI technology. 

Sales for Charmin products have gone up 50% in the past year and demand is exponentially high. However, the company needs to raise its prices due to the cost of raw material going up. So they created this ad as a way to provide humour and reinforce the idea that the brand will continue to be beside you when you need it to be. Their hopes are that demand will continue to be high when the pandemic is over and the economy recovers. 

Facebook Updates iOS 14.5 Prompt to Encourage Users to Keep Data Tracking

Apple has recently restricted data tracking for apps such as Facebook. To encourage users to keep the original data tracking policy, Facebook has created a prompt to redirect users to a browser. Facebook wants to keep tracking your information while Apple would like to hold it all to themselves. 

Although, for the idea of privacy, giving both companies this information is kind of a scary thought. Both companies have had security leaks in the past and the fact that both of them want my information scares me. Yet I can’t avoid them, I currently am using a Mac with Facebook open in another tab. The reality becomes even scarier when we start talking about Google, MasterCard, and Amazon as well.

The point here is that so much of our information is given to these companies and we continue accepting it because the services they offer would change the way we live. Imagine not using any of Google’s services. The hundreds of services that they provide has become a function of society and something that most of us probably need.

Twitter Opens Audio Spaces to All Users with Over 600 Followers, Announces New Spaces Features

Twitter is giving people access to join and invite others to audio and chat rooms within the app. The feature is called Spaces and it is going to work similar to the app “Clubhouse” in the sense that you can have multiple people in a chat room. These chat rooms can be direct messaging, audio, or video call rooms. This feature is now available to the accounts with more than 600 followers. It is a great way to continue to test the feature without fully releasing it. 

Soon this feature will become available for all accounts and the direct messaging social media apps will have to look at this as a threat. The article claims that “bet on Twitter Spaces becoming the most important tool of the new audio social race”. Twitter Spaces will be the next new thing in social media and we want to see what will come after.