October 2021 Month in Marketing

In-Game Advertisements, AR/VR, and Cannabis Commercials.

This month we’re seeing some exciting campaigns from businesses, and many advancements in the world of AR/VR, or the “metaverse” as it is becoming known. We also take a look at some upcoming social media marketing trends for 2022.

Chipotle hosts virtual restaurant on Roblox for Halloween experience


There’s been a lot of talk over the last couple months and even years about the “meta verse” and we’re starting to see more brands getting onboard with launching promotions virtually, this time within the Roblox video game. 

When players visit the in-game Roblox store, they will receive promo codes that enter them into a draw to win burritos in real life! Read more about this cool campaign at the link above.

Facebook is spending at least $10 billion this year on its metaverse division


Don’t say we didn’t warn ya! Check out this great recap from The Verge on Facebook’s plans to expand it’s metaverse division—which specializes in creating VR/AR equipment and content.

With Facebook putting such a large emphasis on their augmented reality endeavours, many brands will be forced to follow suit if they want to compete digitally.

Ontario Cannabis Store wants you to stop buying from ‘your guy’


Since the fairly recent inception of this industry, legal players have had to contend with the still-existent and ever popular black market for Cannabis. In one of their first campaigns ever, the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) is making a push to take market share away from the black market, and to do away with it for good.

Check out this breakdown from Strategy that includes the OCS commercial that compares buying weed illegally to buying meat out of someone’s knapsack.

26 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2022


This nice round-up from Social Media Today gives some interesting insights into what marketers and businesses can expect trend-wise on social media in 2022. It may come as no surprise that AR/VR content is expected to be a growing trend.